Tiktok has taken over the social media world with its simple, yet highly effective marketing strategy. As an app, Tiktok allows its users to take short vertical videos of themselves doing whatever they want, and then apply filters, music and a bunch of other effects that they see fit. This simple, yet highly effective strategy has led Tiktok to be one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with its daily user count growing on a daily basis. The concept is fairly simple, and kinda looks like Vine and Instagram had a baby and then Tiktok came along.


One thing that is unique to Tiktok are the challenges that its users think of on a weekly basis. All it takes is one social media star to think of a challenge and before you know, most of the web is bombarded with that challenge. If you are looking to grow your social media account and hope to become a social media start, as of right now, it seems like Tiktok is your best shot. Create unique content and grind on a daily basis, and without a doubt you will have a shot of becoming famous on the Tiktok app.